Scalp Micro Pigmentation

A Short Guide to Scalp Micro-Pigmentation

Hair loss is quite common these days with many people experiencing baldness even at very early stages of their lives. Are you experiencing this and wish to reverse the whole process? Hair growth supplements among other products are essential for stimulation of growth for a short time.

From research, it is indicated that men experience hair loss at the age of 35 but this does not necessarily mean the end for your hair to grow. Scalp Micropigmentation treatment is the latest non-surgical hair loss solution to help you restore your natural hairline and look exactly like you are not experiencing baldness at all.

What is scalp micro pigmentation is all about?

This is a natural hair treatment procedure done to the second epidermal layer of the scalp replicating it to produce new and natural hair follicles. It is essentially a medical hairline tattoo that is applied in various shades to recreate you natural hairline. Three gradual treatments make up the entire process of scalp micro pigmentation.

Benefits of scalp micro pigmentation

The process restores a natural look of your hairline and good looking, youthful cropped hair

It works both for part-bald and fully bald heads in restoration of the hairline

It is a perfect camouflage to scarring as a result of hair transplant surgery, burns and alopecia.

It can be done to individuals at all ages, with all skin types and hair colors.

Because Scalp micro pigmentation applies the latest and most advanced cosmetic non-surgical procedure, the results are amazing and effective for all. Unlike the traditional tattoos, scalp micro pigmentation usually fades with time and eventually disappears. This is because organic ink is used which is biodegradable. The pigments are only implanted in the outer skin layer using very thin needles.

Better your looks with scalp micro pigmentation

Is your hair thinning and wish to wish to make it look thicker, scalp micro pigmentation is the ideal process for you because it is a one-time treatment unlike other products you have to apply on a daily basis. The process is almost pain less with no scars afterwards and gives results within the shortest time possible.

The process is most ideal for young individuals that cannot have hair transplant because they have an insufficient donor region for effective hair transplant. You are a victim of hair loss and do not wish to wear a wig? Scalp micro pigmentation is a one-time fast procedure that offers results within a maximum of 3 days.

There is no more need for you to use camouflage products on a daily basis when you can simply apply this once and for all. The procedure is also effective for individuals with complete hair loss intending to have their heads fully shaven but still wish it to appear like one with full hair.

Since the invention of this modern procedure, many people have effectively regenerated their looks by having their hair restored within the shortest time possible. No more worries for your hair loss; scalp micro pigmentation is the sure solution for you.

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