Hair Loss Information

Hair Loss Information- Treatment and Other Remedies

Many people are facing this problem at one point in their lives. Some wonder what causes the problem and much worse fail to understand how to solve the problem or what treatment product to use as remedy. Because there are various types of baldness, you need to consult with your doctor so that the right treatment will be prescribed for you meeting all your needs.

Types of Baldness

There are two types of baldness; male pattern and female pattern baldness. The two have their own differences hence crucial for you to know more information about them. Firstly female pattern baldness is first noted when a lot of hair is left on the pillows or sheets after waking up and even when brushing. In the case of women, their baldness or hair loss occurs throughout their head which is sometimes hard to note unless you are keen enough.

Male pattern baldness on the other hand is characterized by receding of hairlines and spots without hair at the top back of the head. Single strands of hair are likely to be lest on their pillows after waking up and combs after brushing the hair.

Despite that hair loss comes unplanned and may cause the affected to be uncomfortable, good news is that baldness can now be prevented and stopped.

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What Causes Hair Loss?

The main cause is hormonal change as a result of changes in the body such as birth control, pregnancy or those that have gone through child birth. Menopause is also likely to cause hair loss in women. In the case of men, high levels of testosterone and DHT are likely to cause hair loss.

High fevers, stress, ring worms are also other causes of baldness as they cause hair to be weak and finally falling out. Stress actually makes people to rub the scalp too frequently causing hair to weaken and thus fall out.

Frequent hair washing is also another cause of baldness. Blow drying is also responsible for hair loss as they stop the hair from growing by causing the follicles to shrink pushing the hairs up and eventually falling out,

Treatment Options for Hair Loss

There are several oral medications in the market that will help you to prevent excessive hair loss that may lead to baldness. Consult your doctor for the right prescription and always take the drugs as instructed. Large amounts of the medications may have negative effects including hair loss among other side effects like reduced libido and erection problems in men.

Topical treatments that are applied on the affected part of the scalp may also help in prevention of excessive hair loss. Failure to apply the medication as directed may cause skin irritation hence the reason why you should always medical guidance from your doctor before applying any medication.

Natural products and supplements are the latest and most effective means of preventing excessive hair loss both in male and female. The goodness with these products is that they are safe to use and have no side effects like other medications available.

Vitamins A and C and minerals like Zinc and magnesium are some of natural products that are effective in hair loss treatment. Herbal extracts like Nettle root and Horse tail also make up the list of crucial natural supplements for hair loss treatment. Besides this information provided, you should always consult your doctor for crucial information such as the right medication depending with your type of baldness.

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