Essential oils

Why Should You Use Essential Oils?

Essential oils are known for various health benefits unlike other products including homemade formulas, dried herbs and homeopathic remedies. According to our collection, the following are major reasons why therapeutic-grade oils or simply essential oils should be used as natural medication:

Cheap to buy

Unlike drugs from pharmaceuticals, Essential Oils are less expensive and pocket friendly. Medication for various ailments including chemotherapy can cost a lot of money. Using essential oils however has the same effect but at a cheaper cost. Some medication sometimes fails to work which means a pure waste of money. For instance treatment of cancer through chemotherapy can cost you all your fortune whereas it can only cost you hundreds of thousands to get it purely treated. The same case with depression elimination, anti-depressant drugs are expensive and often fail to work while a few drops of frankincense oil eliminate depression in minutes.

Powerful than synthetic medications

Prescription medication has been here for a very long time but the truth is that most of such medications are far from being effective in the treatment of various ailments. Essential drugs are here to get you switch from such drugs as they are more powerful than any other prescription medication you can think of out there. The oils work faster and effectively while they are safe to use having no side effects on your body.

Most of the oils freely pass through the blood-brain barrier

This means that the oils will help treat various brain ailments such as Alzheimer’s which is the most common neurological condition affecting thousands of people across the world. This effect is unlike the prescription medications that are not able to penetrate the barrier.

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 They help in cell oxygenation

Lack of oxygen in the cells often leads to various ailments. Taking the essential oils daily will help boost your cell oxygenation hence maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

They help in ant-oxidation

Free radical cells in your body as a result of toxic overload are very dangerous but free oils in the market today can help you to effectively eliminate them as most of the oils are powerful antioxidants ever known.

Emotion stabilization

Taking some essential oils will help calm your emotions such as lavender. Rosemary on the other hand will help lift your mood when irritated. Such products are powerful anti-depressants too.

Offer body with immune defense property

Every plant usually has its immune properties against fungi, bacteria and virus. Taking such oils will help transfer the immune defense properties of the plant to your body so that they can fight against various disease-causing micro-organisms. For instance frankincense oil is powerful anti-cancer oil for you to use.

Help in cell and blood detoxification

This is a necessary process that should be carried out on your body from time to time to eliminate excess toxins from building up in your body.

Air purification

Everyone simply needs fresh air free of any germs and disease causing micro-organisms. Diffusing certain oils will help destroy some nasty odors and other things that are not needed in air.

Increasing the body’s bioelectrical frequency

Toxins, stress and poor diet usually expose the body to various ailments by lowering its bioelectrical frequency. This means your body gets suppressed and various body functions affected. Using essential oils on a daily basis will however help you to effectively solve this problem.

Learning from the various reasons for using essential oils, you can decide to have yourself and family’s lives better by considering the use of these powerful substances. It’s time you switch from prescription medication to a more effective and proven type of medication where essential oils are used.

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