Aircon servicing Singapore

Air conditioner is the major home appliance widely used by most of the people in this world. Whether it’s a home or a office, A church or a Mosque, A Car or a Bus, Air conditioner is the commonly used appliance and its not just commonly used but its very important in day to day life.

Earlier AC was only used as a sign of costly asset. Only people who were VIP's or Ministers or a Business Tycoons used to put an AC in their Houses or offices. Now AC is so common and it’s so cheap in the market that every common man is daring to bare AC.

Now it not like just keeping an AC in your home. But a proper maintenance and safety measures should be frequently followed to run it at an optimal rate. Whether you are starting your Aircon for the first time you already running it since many years you need to be very specific in terms of its maintenance.

If you are not very professional you should hire an Aircon Servicing Guy is perfect in its job and who can able to give you a satisfied and impressive maintenance of your Aircon.

One of the Pioneers of Aircon Servicing with its team of highly skilled experts in the market is Here at Airconboy Engineering we take care of all you commercial, Residential, Industrial Air-Conditioning Needs. We are just a few minutes away from you anywhere in Singapore. Churches, Restaurants, Schools, Hotels where ever you need us we will be there to serve you.

We design, Install Split Units VRF Systems and the chilled water package of air conditioners. Not only we are limited to installation of new Aircons but we are service your existing Air Conditioning Unit. You can trust us a perfect and professional and rely us on our Engineering.

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